Soror Spotlight – Nyla Manning


21449_10200818846167296_698202336_n There once was a girl who had a dream…a dream she thought might not be possible because of the cards life had dealt her, that is, until 2010. With a made up mind and a will set to purpose, Nyla Manning set out on a journey to align herself with greatness! In the wee hours of the morning in the spring of 2010, the universe blessed Beta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. with a hidden jewel. Soror Chill Pill was born, and since that birth Soror Chill Pill has been a force to be reckoned with. Nyla’s infectious spirit and raw sense of honesty has allowed her to be a shining example for those that she comes into contact with. As a teen mom, many counted her out, doomed her for failure, but like the smoke coming from a fire, still she rose!

Nyla’s dedication and commitment was proven through her continued community service, outpouring of hard work and leadership as a general member. It wasn’t long before Nyla’s leadership ability not only added to the success of the Alpha Omega chapter but to Beta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. as a whole. Currently Nyla’s leadership abilities can be seen in her undying love for Beta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. through the position of Chapter President of the historic Alpha Omega Chapter and the National Sisterly Healing and Health Committee. Nyla is no stranger to hard work as she gracefully balances her professional, personal and spiritual life all while raising her son to be even more powerful than she. Soror Chill Pill’s connections in the city of Tallahassee has afforded her and the members of the Alpha Omega Chapter great opportunities such as being appointed to the Tallahassee Neo Classic Council board, forming Greek unity alliances with other LGBT Greek organization, and providing quality programming for the Tallahassee Lesbian committee. Beta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. is mot please and honored to shine the spotlight on our very own Nyla Manning!


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